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Ever wondered what the different motorcycle safety laws out there are, and how they first came to be? Or how many billions of miles have been driven by motorcycles since the 1960’s? Did you know that only recently, it was required to have directional lights on your motorcycle?  Well, check out the info graphic below to follow how motorcycle safety laws slowly evolved from the day motorcycles were first invented in 1883 to the present-and remember, always ride safe!

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Wow, did you know that about Motorcycle Safety?.



Ever heard of a hybrid between a motorcycle and car? Me neither, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Why you ask? I don’t know, but maybe this guy just loves motorcycles and priuses?-who knows…

So check it out, this dude took a 2008 Toyota Prius and replaced its original engine with a 1986 Sportster 883 engine, that had been bored out to give 1100cc’s of power. Using a modified Prius differential, the front wheels are able to deliver power to the engine via a chain.  He dropped in a 4 speed transmission and voila: the world’s first ever Toyota-Harley hybrid moto-car-cycle! (Dr. Frankenstein would be so proud!)  Most of the vehicle is part car however, as it has retained its original mirrors, wheels, and car body.

All kidding aside though, the car not only runs, but it was actually used and competed in the 24 hours of LeMons.  For those of you interested in purchasing it, well, you’re in luck, as it’s currently for sale on ebay.

According to the seller,   the description states:

“If you are the type to whine about undisclosed damage after the completion of the sale, don’t friggin’ bid on this. While the title and the donor car itself are 100% clean and (despite appearances) there’s no previous accident for this car, consider it a total POS. That about sums it up.”

The ToyoHog is registered and insured and has never been in an accident. The seller will also throw in the remnants of the original Sportster motorcycle who’s engine was taken and installed in the “ToyoHog”, (though the Harley no longer runs).  The owner also says he will throw in several spare parts including a 1994 1200cc Sportster engine with a five speed transmission and various pistons and cylinder heads.

The one drawback I found however, was that the design kept the original steering wheel and pedals.  I would have loved for the steering and throttle control to have been changed to handlebars and grips, but maybe that will be available in next year’s model.  We’ll have to wait and see!





Remember Safety First! Always wear your helmet-even if you’re a dog!

That’s one way to save on delivery costs!

That’s the spirit! Through rain or shine, sleet or snow-can’t let that stop me from riding!

That’s one way to get motorists attention!

I wonder how much horsepower (pun intended) that vehicle has?

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I wouldn’t say he’s a “hell’s angel”, but he’s definitely an angel!

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Today we are psyched to announce that we have completely finished with our redesign of, from the ground up, with features aimed at enhancing usability and user experience.  Improvements include, a hot new look, featuring a lighter white washed design and background which makes it a lot easier to view product details better, putting a lot less strain on everyone’s eyes.  We have vastly upgraded the security of vipcycle from all angles, including adding a high level security grade SSL certificate which features stronger encryption, so your personal info and payment details will always be 100% safe and secure.  We have also added a cool tool which helps zoom in easier than before, on seeing any particular details of a product image that you might want to get a closer look at.  We’ve also added larger images and a live chat feature, to help you effortlessly contact us any time of the day with questions or concerns you may have about an order, a certain motorcycle part or a particular motorcycle accessory.  One of the best changes we’ve made however, has been in how we process and handle returns.  We’ve made it a lot easier to submit a return claim and we have also extended our return policy to 30 days.  Last but not least, we now back all of our purchases with a 30 day money back guarantee!  and offer free shipping on every order shipped within the USA-amazing or what?!

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Pope motorcycle auction

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Forget the standard new year’s resolutions -“I’m going to lose weight, go to the gym, quit smoking, blah blah blah”.  I say, make this year a bit more fun by focusing more on what we love-motorcycles, and make some resolutions centered on that.  Here are a few suggestions for 2014:

Lets start off with a fun one: Ride more often.  What’s the point of owning a bike if you have it sitting in your garage most of the year?  Resolve to spend less time on the computer and more time on what you love-riding.  There’s always work and there are always things that need to be done and they will never end, so give yourself a break and take out your bike for a ride even if its just to go around the block.  This will help keep it from rusting and falling apart in your garage too.

Do some off road riding.  This will give you the chance to ride on a different type of terrain instead of just asphalt.  You’ll experience motorcycle riding in a whole different way and you can make it fun by doing it with a group of friends.

Service your bike on your own as much as possible.  Owning a motorcycle isn’t just about riding, but learning as well.  What better way to spend a lazy afternoon enjoying your hobby, than by tinkering with your bike like changing the oil, changing your mirrors, grips, or turn signals.  We have a lot of nice looking ones available along with do-it yourself videos on our website to guide you step by step.  Plus as an added bonus, you’ll save a lot of money and learn at the same time, by doing some stuff on your own.

Get a project bike.  This one links in with the previous resolution of servicing your own bike.  I find its a lot of fun to get together with my friends and work on an old bike together.  You get to share ideas and I always learn something new.  Plus it gives you a good excuse to drink some alcohol.  Crack open a few beers and start tinkering.  Make sure you focus more on tuning the bike though than drinking the beer.  You don’t want to end up getting drunk and forgetting where you put the engine you just removed.

Resolve to clean your motorcycle at regular intervals. This is time well spent.  I know sometimes its annoying to do but it pays in the long run.  Dirt grime can build up and cause rust as well as other problems for your bike. Doing so will save you a lot of money in the long run by not having to replace rusted parts, plus you get to burn some calories doing it, so you’re getting two resolutions done at the same time-cleaning your bike and losing some weight ;-)

Make it a habit of checking your tire pressure before going for a ride.  Either visually or using a pressure gauge.  You don’t want to set off on a long journey with a tire that has an air bubble or low pressure.  Both can be recipes for disaster.  As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.  It only takes a minute to do anyway.

Take a motorcycle riding course.  This will make you a better rider and more importantly a safer rider.  Plus it’s an opportunity to meet new people and it’s a lot of fun.

Visit a track.  What’s more fun than getting an adrenaline rush from riding fast on your motorcycle.  Wasn’t that one of the reason’s you got one in the first place?  Don’t shake your head-you know you got it for that reason.

Ride a charity run and go to a motorcycle show/event.  Definitely a lot of fun and a great experience.  You get to meet new people, re-unite with old friends, and feel good about what you are doing when its for a charity.  Plus for us guys, you get to see those hot girls in uniforms representing certain motorcycle brands at the motorcycle shows and events ;-)

Those are our resolutions for 2014.  Feel free to add your own resolutions as well.  Have a happy 2014 New Year!