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         As electric motorcycles are slowly starting to become more popular throughout the industry, many riders have begun to debate as to what’s better to own? Traditional motorcycles using gas or electric motorcycles using battery power?  There certainly are a lot of pros and cons to having a traditional bike as there are pros and cons to having an electric motorbike.  More than anything though, I think it all boils down to peoples individual values and wants.

          If you’re all about limiting pollution and promoting “green” energy and also interested in saving some “green” in your wallet, then electric is the way to go.  Traditional bikes however offer more speed and more options in terms of motorcycle makes and model availability.  If you’re going to spend some serious cash on a bike, you want it to have some umph and in that category compared to traditional motorcycles, electric bikes are lacking.

          Riding a motorcycle, at least in the USA, is done more for fun than for utility compared to other countries where gas prices are astronomical and riders use their motorcycle as their main vehicle.  If you’re only riding seasonal or just a few times a week it doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of money you’re saving on gas, however if you live in Europe where gas prices are at least double of what they are in the USA, then having an electric bike would make sense in terms of saving money on gas.

         In terms of the “coolness” factor, new tech is always cool, but there are a ton of cool looking traditional bikes out there like the 2014 Suzuki HayabusaYamaha V MaxSuzuki Boulevard, and Harley Sportster.  But again, it all depends on what you define as being “cool”.  As electric motorcycles become more popular however, and more companies start designing and manufacturing them, that will definitely gain them points in the “coolness” category.

         The infographic below gives a short comparison of electric motorcycles vs traditional motorcycles in terms of fuel economy, specs and how the electric motor works. If you’re still stuck deciding though, why not just have one of each?


Ever wondered what the different motorcycle safety laws out there are, and how they first came to be? Or how many billions of miles have been driven by motorcycles since the 1960’s? Did you know that only recently, it was required to have directional lights on your motorcycle?  Well, check out the info graphic below to follow how motorcycle safety laws slowly evolved from the day motorcycles were first invented in 1883 to the present-and remember, always ride safe!

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Wow, did you know that about Motorcycle Safety?.

Womens Motorcycle Club -the “Miss-Fires”

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The “Miss-Fires” as they are know, is a 31 member-strong, women’s motorcycle club located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Formed about 5 months ago, their club is both unique and uncommon. What makes this club so unique, is not only that it is a womens motorcycle club, which isn’t all too common when it comes to motorcycle clubs, but that their club also operates as a school of sorts. They meet a few times a week at a place called, Motorgrrl garage, and have what is known as “shop talk”-where they work on mostly vintage motorcycles, including Moto Guzzi’s, and vintage Honda bikes such as Honda CB models. The bikes they work on are their own and they learn and teach each other while working on each other’s bikes. They do motorcycle maintenance and even engine rebuilds.

Most importantly however, they love to ride, which is reserved for the weekends and some members have raced in professional events such as the American Motorcyclist Association’s Vintage Dirt Track National Championship.

Keep up the good work ladies, you rock!

vipcycle motorcycle parts

Big Changes:

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vipcycle motorcycle parts

We are very happy to share some big news today with all of our loyal customers, supporters, and fans!

Today we are psyched to announce that we have completely finished with our redesign of, from the ground up, with features aimed at enhancing usability and user experience.  Improvements include, a hot new look, featuring a lighter white washed design and background which makes it a lot easier to view product details better, putting a lot less strain on everyone’s eyes.  We have vastly upgraded the security of vipcycle from all angles, including adding a high level security grade SSL certificate which features stronger encryption, so your personal info and payment details will always be 100% safe and secure.  We have also added a cool tool which helps zoom in easier than before, on seeing any particular details of a product image that you might want to get a closer look at.  We’ve also added larger images and a live chat feature, to help you effortlessly contact us any time of the day with questions or concerns you may have about an order, a certain motorcycle part or a particular motorcycle accessory.  One of the best changes we’ve made however, has been in how we process and handle returns.  We’ve made it a lot easier to submit a return claim and we have also extended our return policy to 30 days.  Last but not least, we now back all of our purchases with a 30 day money back guarantee!  and offer free shipping on every order shipped within the USA-amazing or what?!

Whether your a new customer, old customer, one of our many fans, or a motorcycle enthusiast, we invite you to come check out the new and improved, as we have many great items like mirrors, grips, and turn signals in stock for a variety of brands including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.  As an added bonus, use the coupon code: newvip, and we’ll take off 25% off your order! Hurry though, as this sale won’t last.


Forget the standard new year’s resolutions -“I’m going to lose weight, go to the gym, quit smoking, blah blah blah”.  I say, make this year a bit more fun by focusing more on what we love-motorcycles, and make some resolutions centered on that.  Here are a few suggestions for 2014:

Lets start off with a fun one: Ride more often.  What’s the point of owning a bike if you have it sitting in your garage most of the year?  Resolve to spend less time on the computer and more time on what you love-riding.  There’s always work and there are always things that need to be done and they will never end, so give yourself a break and take out your bike for a ride even if its just to go around the block.  This will help keep it from rusting and falling apart in your garage too.

Do some off road riding.  This will give you the chance to ride on a different type of terrain instead of just asphalt.  You’ll experience motorcycle riding in a whole different way and you can make it fun by doing it with a group of friends.

Service your bike on your own as much as possible.  Owning a motorcycle isn’t just about riding, but learning as well.  What better way to spend a lazy afternoon enjoying your hobby, than by tinkering with your bike like changing the oil, changing your mirrors, grips, or turn signals.  We have a lot of nice looking ones available along with do-it yourself videos on our website to guide you step by step.  Plus as an added bonus, you’ll save a lot of money and learn at the same time, by doing some stuff on your own.

Get a project bike.  This one links in with the previous resolution of servicing your own bike.  I find its a lot of fun to get together with my friends and work on an old bike together.  You get to share ideas and I always learn something new.  Plus it gives you a good excuse to drink some alcohol.  Crack open a few beers and start tinkering.  Make sure you focus more on tuning the bike though than drinking the beer.  You don’t want to end up getting drunk and forgetting where you put the engine you just removed.

Resolve to clean your motorcycle at regular intervals. This is time well spent.  I know sometimes its annoying to do but it pays in the long run.  Dirt grime can build up and cause rust as well as other problems for your bike. Doing so will save you a lot of money in the long run by not having to replace rusted parts, plus you get to burn some calories doing it, so you’re getting two resolutions done at the same time-cleaning your bike and losing some weight ;-)

Make it a habit of checking your tire pressure before going for a ride.  Either visually or using a pressure gauge.  You don’t want to set off on a long journey with a tire that has an air bubble or low pressure.  Both can be recipes for disaster.  As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.  It only takes a minute to do anyway.

Take a motorcycle riding course.  This will make you a better rider and more importantly a safer rider.  Plus it’s an opportunity to meet new people and it’s a lot of fun.

Visit a track.  What’s more fun than getting an adrenaline rush from riding fast on your motorcycle.  Wasn’t that one of the reason’s you got one in the first place?  Don’t shake your head-you know you got it for that reason.

Ride a charity run and go to a motorcycle show/event.  Definitely a lot of fun and a great experience.  You get to meet new people, re-unite with old friends, and feel good about what you are doing when its for a charity.  Plus for us guys, you get to see those hot girls in uniforms representing certain motorcycle brands at the motorcycle shows and events ;-)

Those are our resolutions for 2014.  Feel free to add your own resolutions as well.  Have a happy 2014 New Year!


As winter quickly approaches, it is important to take steps in properly maintaining your motorcycle to prevent it from getting affected by the ravages of winter.  Improper winter maintenance of your motorcycle may cause your bike to sustain exterior damage and mechanical damage as well.  Fortunately for you, we at, have written an easy to follow 14 step solution for properly winterizing your motorcycle-and the best part is, we’ve added some cool pictures in as well ;-)

Step 1: Gather all the items necessary for winterizing your bike which include


motorcycle cover, cleaning cloths, a battery charger, a couple of quarts of oil (depending on how many your bike takes), a new oil filter, chain lube (if needed), fuel stabilizer, WD40, spark plug wrench, sponge, work gloves, leather conditioner, soap for cleaning your bike, and wax for keeping it shinny.  Choose a good spot to keep your bike in throughout the winter such as a garage.

Step 2: Give your bike a good cleaning

Using a gentle soap or cleanser, mix the cleanser into a bucket of warm water and using a soft cloth, thoroughly wash the motorcycle.  Be careful not to spray any water into the opening of the muffler as this can cause rust to form inside of it.  Once you have thoroughly cleaned the bike, polish all metal surfaces using a quality metal polish and finally finish up by applying a good coat of wax to the bike.  Clean the chain on the motorcycle using WD40.  After it has been cleaned, lube your chain with a good lube oil.

Step 3: Fill up your gas tank with fuel to the max


After completely filling up your gas tank with fuel, add a fuel stabilizer to it and turn on the motor until you get the gas running through the carburetor and fuel injectors.  Make sure to use a fresh bottle of fuel stabilizer, as it remains good for only two years after opening.

Step 4:  Drain your carburetor


Shut off the gas petcock on your motor and drain the gas from the carburetor bowls.  If your motorcycle is fuel injected, then you get to skip this step :-)

Step 5:  Change your engine oil


There’s nothing worse for a motorcycle’s engine than having old oil sitting in it.  Old oil can develop combustion gases which can start to corrode parts in your engine.  The longer the oil sits, the more corrosion will develop.  To prevent this from happening to your bike, always change the oil before storing the bike for extended periods of time.

Step 6: Lube your front forks


By adding oil to your front forks, the oil will prevent the rubber seals around the forks from drying out.  Do not use WD40, as this will eventually dry out and cause sticking.  Only use a specified fork lube.

Step 7: Remove plugs and spark plug wires


After removing the spark plug wires, using a spark plug wrench, remove the spark plugs, clean them, make sure they are gaped correctly, and put them back in.  Finally, re-attach the spark plug wires.

Step 8: Properly seal your muffler


Using a banana (just kidding)-  Stuff a dry sponge inside the opening of your muffler or wrap a small bag over the end of it, to keep insects and other rodents from going inside of it and making it their home.  Paste a note on the bike reminding you of this so that you don’t inadvertently start the engine with the sponge or bag or banana ;-) left in there.

Step 9: Remove the battery or disconnect battery terminals


To avoid sulfate build up from occurring on your battery, disconnect the terminals from the bike and remove the battery.  Applying a small dab of Vaseline to the battery terminals can also prevent them from corroding.

Step 10: Lube, lube, and more lube

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Apply lube to your drive shaft, pivot, and suspension points.

Step 11: Check your motorcycle’s cooling system


Using a hygrometer, it is a good idea to check the level of anti-freeze coolant in your bike’s cooling system.  If necessary, drain and replace the coolant with new anti-freeze. It is advisable that you replace your coolant with new anti-freeze coolant, every two years.  Avoid leaving the level of anti-freeze low or empty, as this can lead to corrosion of your bike’s cooling system.

Step 12: Carefully clean and apply leather conditioner to all leather surfaces


Doing so will prevent the leather from cracking and drying.

Step 13:  Apply WD40 or machine oil to the metal surfaces of your bike


Apply WD40 using a soft cloth to all metal surfaces except the disc brakes.  This will help prevent rust as well as keep your bike looking great once spring time rolls around.

Step 14: Cover the bike with a motorcycle cover


By covering your bike, you prevent it from collecting dust, which will not only keep it looking dirty, but get into places that you want to avoid.

Step 15: Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


Doing so will raise your confidence and give you a sense of accomplishment and well being.

Step 16: Log onto for deals on parts and accessories

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